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T Tsuchiya, President
Yamaha Motor Europe NV
A message from the President –

Welcome and thankyou for the visiting the Yamaha Motor Website!

Mr. T Tsuchiya, Yamaha Motor Europe’s President, explains “Yamaha Motor Europe understands the importance of it’s online presence, meaning it’s visitors can view Yamaha Motor Europe products from any location, across geographic borders, at any time day or night. We hope our visitors easily find the information they are looking for and they are motivated to visit our site again in the future. We look forward to welcoming these web visitors into the world of Yamaha Motor online.”

Leisure Lovers
From motorcycles to scooters, from WaveRunners to snowmobiles, we offer the ultimate technology for ultimate land and water fun! Whatever your leisure or passion is this is what our website is committed to. With a simple click, you can enter the world of Yamaha Motor Europe. Our website shows the entire European portfolio of products; motorcycles, scooters, WaveRunners and outboard engines, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, golf cars and accessories. Within a click you can also visit your own local European Yamaha Motor website, where you can take a closer look at products available as well any local events and promotions!
The Inside Track
Read behind the scene articles in our Design Café and discover, for example, the engineering ingredients that make our new YZF R1 motorcycle, faster in corners and at the same time even easier to handle. You can also give your impressions and comments on new Yamaha products. By filling out specially designed web questionnaires, you can actually help us develop even better motorcycles and scooters for the future!
Take a tour of our gift shop featuring a selection of high quality Yamaha merchandise that is exclusively available only online. Or customise your bike by making a “wish list” in our accessories section, you can also email your list to a friend – just think, you will never have to receive another pair of socks for your birthday again! With My Yamaha Stories – you can share your adventures online, feature a description of your trip and picture of your Yamaha and we will review the stories before publishing them to the site.

Michaela Neilson
Online Communications Mgr
Use the Yamaha Dealer Locator to find your local dealer, once you have selected your preferred dealer use our mapping tool to give you clear driving directions door to door!
“We are constantly updating the website to make it easier to use and offer our visitors exclusive content”, says Michaela Neilson, Online Communications Manager. “On an annual basis we run an online customer survey that gives us your opinion of how you find the site, what you like and dislike and what you are missing from our websites, this gives us a very clear list of things to do for that year! I won’t hold you up any longer, we hope you enjoy the World of Yamaha Motor, and remember to visit us again soon!”

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