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This page contains the overview of the top events organized by Yamaha Motor in or by Europe. Check this page to see what is going on… You can find here the details about Riding Schools, exhibitions, rides and so on. And the reviews to see what you missed…
Exhibition Reviews

Date Event location
02/02/07 – 11/02/07 Båtmässan – Göteborg Boat Show Göteborg, Sweden
09/02/07 – 18/02/07 Helsinki International Boat Show Helsinki, Finland
10/02/07 – 18/02/07 Belgium Boat Show Gent, Belgium
10/02/07 – 18/02/07 Lisbon Boat Show Lisbon, Portugal
21/02/07 – 25/02/07 Zagreb Sport & Boat Show Zagreb, Croatia
02/03/07 – 11/03/07 Stockholm International Boat Show allt for Sjon Stockholm, Sweden
06/03/07 – 11/03/07 HISWA Amsterdam boat show Amsterdam, Netherlands
14/03/07 – 18/03/07 Madrid Boat Show Madrid, Spain
15/03/07 – 18/03/07 Japan International Boat Show in Yokohama Yokohama, Japan
16/03/07 – 25/03/07 Norwegian International Boat Show/Sjøen for alle Oslo, Norway

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